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A coalition led by the Travis County Medical Society has successfully vaccinated over 3,500 local front-line healthcare workers and first responders.


This critical vaccination effort was made possible through a public private partnership that includes Code 4 Emergency Services, Travis County Medical Society, Travis County Medical Alliance, St. David’s HealthCare, Austin Independent School District, and Austin Public Health.


In late December, Austin based Code 4 Emergency Services identified that front-line medical workers lacked access to the vaccine. As a Licensed Health Care Organization and vaccination distributor, Code 4 reached out to the Travis County Medical Society, which has represented the medical profession in Travis County since 1853 and has a long history of responding to public health crises dating back to the Polio vaccine.


In order to get the COVID-19 vaccine to phase 1a health care workers in need, a coalition of organizations came together:


  • Code 4 Emergency Services provided the vaccine, medical professionals, and logistical know how

  • AISD provided the venue, security, and janitorial staff

  • Travis County Medical Society provided outreach, call takers, and support staff

  • Travis County Medical Alliance provided volunteer greeters and scribes

  • St. David’s HealthCare provided supplemental vaccine


On December 28, Code 4 accepted delivery of their first vaccine allocation and within hours opened a clinic. Since then, through the incredible efforts of the coalition, more than 3,500 doctors, clinical staff, and first responders have been vaccinated. These clinicians are now in the process of receiving their second dose, marking a major milestone for our local medical community.

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