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Legislative Committee and Information

The Travis County Medical Alliance is very active in advocating for the family of medicine and its issues. 


  • We participate in First Tuesdays at the Capitol when the legislature is in session. 

  • We work in conjunction with the Travis County Medical Society to develop relationships with legislators during and between sessions. 

  • We educate and notify our members about state and federal issues that can impact Medicine.

During the 2021 Legislative session, Texas medicine advocated for these legislative items:

* They helped pass laws to curb prior authorization hassles

*kept physicians from incurring new practice costs

*installed liability protections for future pandemics like COVID-19

*extended postpartum Medicaid coverage for new mothers

*kept graduate medical education (GME) fully funded


State Legislative Contacts:


Greg Abbott (R)                             512-463-2000512-463-2000          (f) 512-463-1849
email: (click “Contact,” then choose “I need assistance”)

Lieutenant Governor

Dan Patrick (R)      (o) 512-463-0001(512) 463-0001(512) 463-0001  (f) 512-463-0677      email:

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Dennis Bonnan (R)  His office is 2W.13 in the State Capitol; P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX  78768; 512-463-1000.


State Senators         (email format:

Charles Schwertner, MD    (R) – District 5         (o) 512-463-0105512-463-0105    

(f) 512-463-5713     

Kirk Watson                     (D) – District 14       (o) 512-463-0114512-463-0114    

(f) 512-463-5949

Judith Zaffirini                  (D) – District 21       (o) 512-463-0121512-463-0121    

(f) 512-475-3738

Donna Campbell, MD          (R) – District 25       (o) 512-463-0013512-463-0013    

(f) 512-463-7794

State Representatives(email format:

Terry Wilson (R)                  District 20        (o) 512-463-0309    (f) 512-463-0049

Erin Zweiner (D)                 District 45        (o) 512-463-0647   (f) 512-463-3573

Sheryl Cole  (D)                   District 46        (o) 512-463-0506  (f) 512-463-7864

Vikki Goodwin (D)               District 47        (o) 512-463-0652   (f) 512-463-0565

Donna Howard (D)              District 48       (o) 512-463-0631    (f) 512-463-0901

Gina Hinojosa  (D)               District 49        (o) 512-463-0668  (f) 512-463-8022

Celia Israel  (D)                     District 50        (o) 512-463-0821 (f) 512-463-1199

Eddie Rodriguez (D)            District 51        (o) 512-463-0674    (f) 512-463-0314

James Talarico (D)                 District 52    (o) 512-463-0670    (f) 512-463-1469

John Bucy,  III (D)                   District 136      (o) 512-463-0696   (f) 512-463-9333


US Senators 

John Cornyn (R)     (o) 202-224-2934  (f) 202-2282856 

email: (click “Contact,” then choose “Contact Form”)

Ted Cruz (R)     (o) 202-224-5922     (f) 202-228-0755
email:  (click “Contact Ted”)


US Representatives 

Michael McCaul (R) District 10  (o) 202-225-2401  (f) 202-225-5955       email:  (click “Contact Us,” then scroll to bottom of page)

Chip Roy (R) – District 21 (o) 202-225-4236 (f) 202-225-8628 email:  

John Carter (R) – District 31  (o) 202-225-3864 (f) 202-225-5886

email:  (click “Email John")

Lloyd Doggett  (D) – District 35       (o) 202-225-4865     (f) 202-225-3073 email:  (click “Contact Lloyd,” then “Write to Congressman”

Guidelines for Effective Communications with Elected Officials

1.  Personal visits and individual letters mailed to elected officials are usually the most effective means to communicate.  However, when time is of the essence, and you wish to get a message to the official quickly, you can email or phone the office. 

2.  Make your letter one page or less, and include your return address and phone number.

3.  Identify your subject matter and try to limit your correspondence to one issue at a time.

4.  Keep your tone respectful and non-argumentative.

5.  Please try to visit local legislators at least once during the session and to write at least one letter to your elected officials regarding issues most important to you and your medical family.

6.  Be sure to write a thank you note after you have corresponded with a legislator and/or his staff person.  And, keep in mind that staff persons should receive the same respect you would show the elected official.

If you do not know who represents you locally, see and click on “How do I find out who represents me?”  If you do not know who represents you in Washington, go to and type in your zip code.

See for the most current information regarding TMA’s positions on public policy measures affecting Medicine.

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