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We are physicians, their spouses and partners.
We work to improve the health of Central Texans.
We provide a network to support the Family of Medicine.

Refund Policy

In general, the Travis County Medical Alliance does not issue refunds for donations or event payments. If a member has a refund request, they may submit it to the Board of Officers for consideration and the Board may, at their sole discretion, decide whether or not to issue a refund.

Privacy Policy

TCMA uses its members' contact information for the purposes of communicating with each member.  Contact information will be shared only with other Alliance members via the directory or database; with affiliate organizations such as TCMS, TMA, TMAA, and AMAA; and/or a commercial establishment employed for the purpose of mailing organizational information to members.  Alliance members are requested not to share Alliance directories or personal contact information of our members with organizations, charities, or businesses other than those identified in this paragraph.  Questions regarding the privacy policy should be directed in writing to the current board of the Travis County Medical Alliance.

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