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Grant Application Procedures


Please submit one unbound copy of the Application Packet that includes all items listed under Proposal Guidelines below by Friday, August 16, 2019. After a complete packet is received, the Grants Committee will review your request.  Upon recommendation from that committee, the Executive Board will then consider your proposal.  Most grants awarded are $5,000 or less, although that is not strictly the case.  Organizations must be an established non-profit with 501(c)3 status.

 Projects must be health care related (Those which provide and/or support direct patient care are preferred).


Note: TCMA has removed the following restrictions:

  1. Funding for compensation is no longer prohibited, as had historically been the case.  Grant applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Funding for organizations outside of Travis County is also no longer prohibited.  This change was made so that our grants align with our mission - working for a healthier Central Texas.



Please send one completed application packet to:


℅ Beth O’Farrell

3902 Petra Path

Austin, TX  78731


and email one PDF to:



** Applications are due Friday, August 16, 2019**


TCMA Proposal Guidelines

Please number all pages and include the following:

  1. Executive summary: include the mission, history, scope of current activities, and a brief summary that explains the project;

  2. Narrative summary to include: a) Statement of Need- Indicate the problem to be addressed and geographic region to be served; b) Target Population- Describe the target population and how it will benefit from the proposed project, including projected numbers of people to be served; c) Project Activities- Describe project activities and logistics, timetable, and statements as to whether this is a new or ongoing activity.  If the request is to support ongoing activities, describe previous outcomes or indications of success.  If the request is to expand a program, indicate how the proposed expansion compare with previous years.

  3. Proposal project budget: include itemized budget and any other funding sources.

  4. Current operating budget 

  5. Most recent financial audit

  6. List of Board of Directors



TCMA Grants Timeline:

August 16-October 4: Consideration of proposals by Grants Committee.  May include site visits.

October 8:  Executive Board votes on committee recommendations.  All applicants will be notified of decisions by November 1st.

April 14, 2020:  Grants awarded at TCMA general meeting 



**Grant recipients are asked to include Alliance support in all appropriate publicity**

The Alliance will be acknowledged in annual report and other community donor lists.

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