Ronsy Chawla

VP Financial Development



Ronsey Chawla joined TCMA as a general member five years ago and he now serves as VP
 Financial Development. Please feel free to contact him with your questions on joining the
Ronsey began his career in academia and then quickly transitioned to management consulting. During
his 15-year consulting career, Ronsey worked with Fortune 500 clients to address a variety of strategic,
organizational, and operational business challenges. Today, that applied methodology and philosophy is
the foundation of Ronsey’s Advisory Practice. Ronsey focuses on financial planning, advice, and
investment portfolio management for his clients at Per Stirling, a wealth management firm in Austin.
When he is not busy with his professional commitments, he enjoys racket sports, reading, traveling, and
spending as much time as possible with family and friends. Ronsey and his wife Jane, an oncologist in
central Austin, are both in constant pursuit of the ideal work-life balance. Fortunately for the pair of
them, Austin’s culture is conducive to such an endeavor.