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Deneitra Hutchinson

Volunteer of the Year 2023 Deneitra.png

Deneitra Hutchinson was named Volunteer of the Year at last month's general meeting, and she could not deserve this honor more. When Pat Wallis, the former Vital Signs editor relocated across state lines, Deneitra seamlessly stepped into the role of editor. Since September 2022, Deneitra has worked tirelessly behind the scene each week to deliver an informative and creative newsletter.


After becoming a member in 2019, Deneitra subsequently joined the Executive Board as VP-Community Service (Elect). During the 2022-23 program year, she helped with the SLH apartment setup; assisted membership with its letter-writing initiative; cooked meals for a TCMA member through Cares & Concerns; served on the Nominating and Long Range Planning Committees; and is a member of the TMA Council on Health Promotions. In the upcoming year, she will serve as VP-Communications and has been appointed as a resource liaison on the 2023-24 TMA Alliance Board. Her skill set and demeanor make her the perfect woman for the job, and we are lucky to have her in the Alliance.

Volunteer of the Year, Deneitra Hutchinson was honored for her dedication to the mission of the Travis County Medical Alliance.

Volunteer of the Year Recognition Sep 23.jpg

Volunteer of the Year Recognition

September 2023 General Meeting

L-R Back Row: Lara Norris, Wendy Kratzer, Lori Benold, Shelly Ozdil, Beth O'Farrell, Cindy Nelson, Deneitra Hutchison, Sherry Boyd, Carrie Conner.

L-R Seated: Julie Cowan, Christina Fenrich, Ann Morales, Christie Dammert.

Previous Volunteer of the Year Recipients

2022-23     Deneitra Hutchinson

2021-22      Christina Fenrich

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2018-19        Lori Benold

2017-18        Christi Dammert

2016-17        Carrie Conner

2015-16        Lara Norris

2014-15        Lindy Brand

2013-14        Lara Norris

2012-13        Cindy Nelson

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2010-11         Pat Wallis

2009-10      Heather Fagin, DDS

2008-09     Kathy Shelly

2007-08     Dana Kocurek

2006-07     Beth O’Farrell

2005-06     Mary Esquivel

2004-05     Susanne Tetzlaff

2003-04     Wendy Kratzer

2002-03     Elaine Kasper

2001-02      Holly Schneider

2000-01      Ann Morales

1999-00      Shelly Ozdil

1998-99      Julie Cowan

1997-98       Patricia Wallis

1996-97       Beth Schlechter

1995-96       Maria Pronske

1994-95       Dani Schaefer

1993-94       Charlotte Haro

1992-93       Sherry Morgan

1991-92        Christine Casanova

1990-91        Anita Bynum

1989-90       Karen Consentino

1988-89       Sue Eichler

1987-88        Linda Kimbrough

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