Volunteer of the Year, Lori Benold (l) pictured with TCMA President, Melissa Smith at the Caswell House, Austin, Texas

Lori Benold

Lori Benold joined the TCMA just a year ago. She quickly volunteered her time and started attending events. I knew she was a perfect chair for Party With A Purpose when she said she enjoyed party planning and organizing events! She did such a great job with our “Let’s Flamingle” party. It was such a fun, well attended event which raised an addition $5,000+ for our grant recipients! Lori has also taken on the role of VP of Programs for the 2019-20 year, so we will see some more of her awesome evnts next year! In addition to offering her time to the TCMA, Lori is also the founder/director of Ballet Arts of Austin. Thank you, Lori for all of your hard work and being such an amazing new member! We are truly thankful to have you.

Melissa Smith

2019-20 TCMA President

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