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Christina Fenrich

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Volunteer of the Year, Christina Fenrich honored for her dedication to the mission of the Travis County Medical Alliance.

The 2021-2022 Volunteer of the Year award went to Christina Fenrich, Immediate Past-President. Christina has served on the TCMA Executive Board in many positions, and fulfilled each one with her trademark conscientiousness, wisdom, and tireless energy, always with an eye for what is best for the Alliance and the health of our community. She also served on the board of the TMAA for three years in various financial positions. As TCMA president, Christina led the Alliance through the unknown territory of the first year of the Covid pandemic. She was instrumental in responding to the needs of Austin’s medical community during the early pandemic, leading TCMA volunteers as we delivered PPE to medical practices in need, and organizing dozens of Covid-19 vaccination clinics for the medical community and AISD, partnering with the TCMS and Code 4 Emergency Services. After her presidential term, Christina saw an opportunity to help the Sacred Heart Community Clinic in Round Rock, where she had spearheaded a drive-through flu clinic the previous fall. She applied for and secured a TMAF Medical Community grant of $7,500 for their Diabetes Care Program with the goal of improving overall health and quality of life for these patients. She then organized monthly Alliance volunteers for the clinic, and has collected data from the clinic to write a mid-year grant evaluation. In addition, she co-chaired our very successful 2022 Party With a Purpose with Julie Cowan, last year’s Volunteer of the Year, and worked tirelessly on that committee. She assisted our Financial Development team with their PWAP solicitation letters, and accomplished all this in addition to carrying out the numerous duties of the Past President. Congratulations, Christina - your award is well deserved!

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