2020-2021 Fund Drive Donors





Thank you to all Fund Drive Donors!

We have received $17,650



Sarah & Ernest Butler


Advanced Advocate ($1000-1499)

Austin Regional Clinic

Paul and Toni Burns

David Vander Straten


Mission Driven Partner ($500 - $999)

Dr. Richard and Martha Coons (in honor of Ken Kroll, MD) 

Rob and Julie Cowan (in honor of Christina Fenrich)

Berenice and Jason Craig  

Christina and Arnold Fenrich 

Bob and Lara Norris in honor of all Healthcare Workers

Tony and Wendy Propst

Richard and Susan Redfern

Carla and Byron Wilkenfeld

Compassionate Supporter ($250 - $499)

John and Shannon Abikhaled 

Vickie and Guy Blumhagen 

Hugh and Cathy Collins 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Crozier  

Dr. Byron and Mary Darby  

Dr. Robert and Karin Foster 

Dr. Paul Harford and Sandra Dunn

Richard and Angela Helmer

Mark and Patti Hernandez

Elaine and Michael Kasper 

Dr. and Mrs. Shannon Kratzer 

Sharon and Greg Kronberg 

Lynn Langley and Jim Eskew, MD

David and Ann McFarland

Dr. and Mrs. Boyd Morgan

Celia Neavel    

David and Cindy Nelson

Kevin and Beth O’Farrell  

Beth and Bob Schlechter 

Melissa and Todd Smith

(in memory of Helen Eustance Kern, MD - Jenny Stern’s mother) 

Phyllis W. Tate (in memory of Robert A. Tate, MD)


Trusted Friend ($100 - $249)

Dr. Brian J. and Danielle Allen

Patrick and Margene Beckham 

Lori and Terrell Benold 

Carolyn Biebas 

Sean and Cindy Blaydon 

Robert and Cheryl Butler

Jack and Jennifer Carsner 

Gayle and Bubba Cullington

Ben and Kathy Downie

Dr. Elwood and Sue Eichler

Dr. and Mrs. Bob Frachtman  

Dr. Lowell and Charlotte Haro

Deneitra Hutchinson  

Karen and Stanley Kim

Patty and Ike Loose

Jeni and Gus Lowry 

Kay and Tom McHorse  

Shannon and Jeff McNeil

Dr. H.E. and Ann Morales

Dr. James and Cheryl Robinson

Christina Romain

Dr. Drew and Emy Lou Sawyer 

Maryann and Brian Sayers  

Adam and Janet  Schneider

Todd Sharnberg and Betty Stuart

Tony and Lydia Soldano

Lisa R Stanley

Jenny Stern

Grace Tamesis (on behalf of Tamesis Allergy Tx Center)

Michael and Karen Teneriello

Barbara Tindel (in memory of Dr. Jerry Tindel) 

Kathy and Zoltan Trizna

Pat and Ted Wallis

Jan and Steve Wilson