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Sponsor Request Letter



We are excited to announce that this upcoming year the Travis County Medical Alliance (TCMA) will celebrate 100 years of serving the communities of Central Texas.  Since 1924, the TCMA has dedicated time and resources toward improving the health and lives of a century of men, women and children in Travis County and the surrounding communities. Financial donations to the TCMA have been instrumental in making our accomplishments a reality. Today, we are writing to ask that you sponsor the TCMA Foundation so together we can work towards another 100 years of community service.


To launch our 100 year celebration we are hosting the Party With A Purpose Centennial Celebration on March 1, 2024 in Austin. To become a sponsor of this once in a lifetime celebration you may email us or remit the attached form to With your support, the TCMA Foundation will be able to continue to provide key access to health-related needs in Central Texas. 


As we have done for a century, the TCMA Foundation remains committed to raising funds on behalf of organizations with fewer fundraising resources. Here are some of the ways the TCMA has dedicated service to the Central Texas community, both past and present.


  • In 1924, the TCMA started by ensuring infants had a safe milk supply. In 2024, the TCMAF selected Mothers Milk Bank of Austin as a grant recipient.

  • In 1954, the TCMA promoted “Health is our Best Defense”  in order to support regular physical examinations and voluntary prepaid medical care for those in need. In recent years the Volunteer HealthCare Clinic, Hope Clinic and Lirios Pediatrics have received grants to provide medical services to uninsured or underinsured adults and children. 

  • In 1964, the TCMA put a spotlight on promoting the mental health of doctors. For the last eight years, the TCMAF has supported the Physician Wellness Program which provides mental health counseling services for physicians and their families. 


This year our goal this year is to raise a record $65,000, surpassing the support we received last year. In 2023 the Party With A Purpose sponsorship donations totaled $46,000 and allowed grant recipients to impact the community by providing hundreds of pediatric eye glasses, hundreds of colon cancer screening tests, hundreds of vials of insulin, and three organizations were able to enhance their bilingual communications facilitating better patient care. With $65,000 the TCMA Foundation will be able to fully fund the grant requests from nine local non-profit organizations.


To make our Centennial Celebration the most successful event yet we need your support. Linked here are the sponsorship levels.  We hope your company will consider being a part of this special celebration with an extra special gift that is meaningful to your business. Please contact us at or directly at (512) 563-4083 further information. On behalf of the entire membership, thank you for your consideration and thank you in advance for your support.




Cathy Thompson  

VP Financial Development


Christi Dammert

TCMAF President


Click here to for more information:  Party sponsorship benefits, Sponsorship form &  Description of grant recipients’ missions


Travis County Medical Alliance…Working for a Healthier Central Texas

Travis County Medical Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible

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