The TCMA Long Range Planning Committee meets twice a year to develop and oversee issues in the organization.  Typically these are issues that affect the TCMA on a more broad and longterm scale.  Any discussion that requires action is submitted for Executive Board approval. 


Members serve a two year term, with some members “rolling off” each year.  The Chair of LRP is appointed by the TCMA President and is someone who has served on LRP and on the Executive Board.  Other LRP members include the President-Elect, two Past Presidents, and four members-at-large. The current TCMA President typically attends LRP meetings, but is not an official LRP member.  The current LRP Committee for 2019-20 is as follows:


Julie Cowan, Chair

Kelly Hyde, Past President

Wendy Propst, President Elect

Lynn Langley, Member at Large

Cindy Nelson, Past President

Beth O’Farrell, Member At Large

Shelly Ozdil, Past President

Christi Dammert, Member At Large

The membership of the Travis County Medical Alliance is invited to submit ideas or areas of concern for the LRP to discuss and make recommendations to the Exectutive Board.


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