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Christi Dammert
2023-2024 President



Dear Alliance Members,

Welcome to our Centennial year! 

After 10 years with the TCMA, many of you have learned I wear my heart on my sleeve. Well, even I was surprised how much I teared up when outgoing President,  Shannon McNeil,  presented me with the President’s pin at our meeting last April. It struck me full force to think of all the footsteps in which I would be following and how significant this upcoming centennial year would be. But the strongest tug on my heartstrings was recognizing how deeply I care about the TCMA and our family of medicine. 


Our centennial celebration is about looking at what the TCMA has accomplished since 1924, and about looking ahead to ensure the TCMA stays strong for the next generations. (Oh, to be a fly on the wall for the bicentennial celebration!) Past, present and future, this is our Alliance. With each new week, we will feature treasured moments from the last 100 years. These peeks into the past, along with the moments we create, are the reason the TCMA is 100 years strong. They are also the reason you might see me shed another tear of pride and joy. 


With warmth and gratitude, 

Christi Dammert

President 2023/24

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